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1. Student:  
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Date of birth*
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2. Education  
Previous schools/Kindergartens attended   
School name* From date To date Country Curriculum followed (e.g. UK/USA)
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3. Parents / Guardians  
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4. Medical Details  
Does your child suffer from any medical conditions (e.g. Ilnesses, Allergies)? YES/NO
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5. Learning Disability  
Has your child ever been identified as having any special needs or learning difficulties?
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6. Pre Application Form Policy  
a.    The selected applicant is going to be placed in a waiting pool for assessment (placement/assessment subject to availability).Once the applicant has been offered an assessment time, parent will need to fill the application online and attach the required documents within limited time before assessment.
b.    If the application online is not completed prior the assessment the assessment offer is withdrawn.
c.    The school holds the right to accept or reject the child after assessment.
d.    QFI School holds the right to decide the students grade level including possible grade changes all decisions are done in order to support and secure studentÂ’s holistic growth, development and learning.
e.    Before submitting the application, please read the Admission policy of our school.
8. Undertaking  
* I hereby agree and respect the pre-application form policy and procedures as set by us above.   Yes